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Open Space

With a combination of seating, a personal desk, and storage, Open Space provides everything that is needed to get to work. Always ready to go where it needs to, and sturdy when it arrives, this is the on-demand workspace.

ACIDO Rocket Awards Winner 2020

Received the Eventscapes Environmental & Human Factors Award

Create your Space

Easy to move around when creating a space, and secure when you go to work. This is a desk, seating and storage unit packed into one; ready to go anywhere, prepared to set up everywhere.

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A Space Within a Space.

Open Space is your personnal workspace within the greater co-working space. It offers you the oppurtinty to have a space that feels like yours & yours alone within that larger work space.

Room for One & All

With a wide working surface holstering a shelf underneath the tabletop, you'll always have enough room to get the job done; And with space still for others to join you. 

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Storage that's Safe

Forget about asking strangers to watch your belongings, with an RFID-connected locking system you can be sure that your unit is yours until you're done with it; just tap to unlock.

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