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On Shelves Now

A collection of products that are out currently, or have in the past, been on the shelves of big-box stores such as Winners, Homesense, & Marshalls to name a few. These products are perfect for around the home when you want to show off the fun side of your design taste, or work as the perfect gift for friends and family.




The Stopperella series is a collection of custom wine bottle stoppers that combines the world of fashion with a passion for wine. Available in a variety of patterns & styles, you can find a look that fits anyone's taste. You can find the Black Croc, Red Glitter & Cheetah models in Winners across North America. 


Cozy Custom Coasters

A special Christmas collection of felt coasters meant to bring the holiday spirit under each one of your spirits. Durable, compact, and fun, these coasters are the life of every party.


Insulated Cups & Mugs

Keep your drinks insulated all day with the Iceware line. A wide selection of stemless cups, mugs, tumblers, and more are available in an endless selection of colours and patterns.

Flower Lids

Specially molded lids that shine in the sun and bring the spring with you wherever you go. A soft design that elevates any cup you pick with it; it's guaranteed flower power at any hour.


Iceware Designs

A special run of Iceware hydration products, the floral line is available in stemless cups, coffee mugs (XL size as well), and slim tumblers. Bring summer back with every sip.

On the Rocks Whiskey

Clean and simple packaging design for a giftable whiskey set containting two crystal whiskey glasses and seal-tight globe ice molds. Perfect for the whiskey aficionado in your life.

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