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UX/UI Design

User Experience & Interface Design; Exploring the connection between people and the products they use every day. Working to create products that solve a problem, explore new technologies, and build enjoyable moments through design.

Cherish SCreens.png


An interactive navigation app that reveals events along your path of travel, opening up new parts of the cities at home or abroad. Explore, connect and build relationships wherever you are with people viewing similar events and activities as yourself. Start reaching out & connect with people & build connections in & around the cities we're living in.


Can we truly look back at ourselves in the past?

Or do we misconstruct how we appear in our own memories? Using Touchdesigner, multiple cameras, & projectors I created an interactive plinth installation where users could enter & strike a pose, before moving away & viewing different angles of themselves via delayed projections.



When apps meant to bring people together only push them further apart; Cherish imagines when AI thinks it knows your relationships better than you do, and the actions it takes.


User Pathways

A selection of visual summaries depicting the journeys user takes moving through cities, interacting with one another and products.

Relationships through the City.jpeg
Pathways through the City.jpeg
A1_ Relations Diagram.png
Bussiness Model Canvas-Reid Howes.png
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