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About Me

A product designer based in Toronto with a core focus on design in the home.

My two passions: Design and interacting with others. I love exploring the connections between myself, others & the rest of the world through design; it's what I think is the greatest aspect of being a designer.


We don't live in a vacuum, we live every day interacting with others using tools we barely think about but let us do this in incredibly meaningful ways. I want to be able to create those tools and have my designs used in everyday service by everyday people, THAT is what I think meaningful design is & being able to achieve that is why I love what I do.



OCAD U University

Bachelor of Industrial Design


Algonquin College

Architectural Technician Diploma

In the Industrial Design program, I learned how to develop new products for use in our daily lives. These included everything from everyday products to mobile apps and everything in between. I great resource for professional designers and experienced professors, I was able to learn in the real world as much as I was in the workshoppes.

A concise program teaching the fundamentals and depth of what it takes to be an Architectural Technician. I worked with professional arteritis in the offices, performed site visits, and created building designs from the initial concept to the finished model.

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